Linham at The Bridge
Fringe 4.01 “Neither Here Nor There” | 4.20 “Worlds Apart”

Multifandom Couples - Mirrors

Please watch in HD.

Tony / Ziva [NCIS] - Chloe / Oliver [Smallville] - Peter / Olivia [Fringe] - Kensi / Deeks [NCIS LA] - Carrie / Quinn [Homeland] - Lincoln / Liv [Fringe] - Castiel / Meg [SPN] - Spike / Buffy [BTVS] - Harvey / Donna [Suits] - Sherlock / Joan [Elementary] - Alex / Owen (Sam) [Nikita] - Emma / Hook [OUAT] - Pacey / Joey [Dawson’s Creek].

You can also watch directly on youtube, here.

Turns out I like the nice guys


Remember when you said “home is where the heart is”? I think I found mine.

Fringe - The Little Show That Could
Altlivia and our!Lincoln 


a future where linham is there and is helping to defeat the observers



getting attached to an unpopular ship with little to none fanfics


- You can stop checking out my young ass.

- You can stop checking out my young ass.

She’s just what you need, someone who can see right through you.