Fringe/Frozen/OUAT AU in which Anna is Altliv and Lincoln’s daughter and that’s why she doesn’t have powers like Etsa because Etsa inherited Olivia’s Cortexipowers. And they still call each other sisters because TO DEFEAT THE OBSERVERS THE OLIVIAS THRUST THEIR LITTLE GIRLS INTO ANOTHER THIRD UNIVERSE INTO ARENDELLE WHERE THEY COULD BE SAFE WHILE THE OLIVIA’S TEAMED UP AND DEFENDED THEIR WORLDS HELLA CRAZY

With sad longing eyes, Peter watched as his daughter played across from him in the snow, chasing around her cousin/sister of sorts and laughing all the while. Etta’s bright blonde hair tucked neatly in the ponytail she so dearly loved and Anna in her fiery pigtails, the girls were inseparable since the day they met across universes. Of course Olivia had some mild trepidation at the introduction, knowing her alternate’s daughter did not possess such special talents as her own. Yet she felt the two were inevitable. Liv had agreed. And sure enough little Anna Lee held no reservation about Etta’s “special powers” passed down from her mother. In fact, Anna seemed utterly entranced and Etta Bishop was all willing to share. The girls had spent many days and nights together, glued at the hip. And now, oblivious to the pain around them, their parents watched them play with heavy hearts, trying to cement this last memory of their daughters in their minds.

Peter sighed deeply and Olivia squeezed her husband’s hand tightly in hers. “I know what you’re thinking. But we have to to do this.”

Her alternate gave him a meek look in agreement. “We’ll come back for them.”

This did nothing to quell either couples’ fears. The onset of longing and heart ache had come far too soon and there was no going back now.

Lincoln took a deep breath to steady himself. “They’ve always wanted to be princesses. At least where they’re going they finally can be.”

They had no idea the set of events they’d set in motion.

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Remember when you said “home is where the heart is”? I think I found mine.

Fringe - The Little Show That Could
Altlivia and our!Lincoln 

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Lincoln and Olivia


IMHO this is still relevant as there are now more new Fringies. I really hope they would take some time to read this post.


One year after the series finale some people are still bitter about Linham. I really shouldn’t read the tags of some of those who’d reblogged my…

Bottom line is, doppelgangers are not interchangeable. Neither of them. Each one is unique and special, with their own set of personal traits and experiences. And if someone chose another person to spend their lives together, it was because of that uniqueness, not because they looked like someone else.

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seriously why are they not making a spin off show about Liv and Lincoln??? I mean, we missed 20 YEARS. AND THE START OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP. They never even admitted their feelings for each other! I want another 5 season show set in the altverse with Liv and Lincoln which will include important moments in history such as their first date and proposal (I can totally see Liv smirking while Lincoln stumbles over his words and she’d probably end up asking him instead just erihregoerigh) and their wedding and birth of their first child and running Fringe Division being the badass power couple that we saw in season 5 PLEASE I WILL GIVE YOU ANYTHING

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Come on, you’re with me.

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Lincoln/alt!Livia (Fringe)


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Lincoln/alt!Livia (Fringe)

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 "You can stop checking out my young ass."

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