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"After a long day at the office, sometimes, I just need a little me time." (x)
Suits (3x12) - Yesterday’s Gone

Aww Quentin’s wives hug .

(so Jessica did get a hug after all).

I’d love for Harvey to give a hug to Jessica. Though that would be ooc for both of them, I guess. Neither of them are good at showing their affections, let alone physically.

BTW, Pearson & Specter, I like the sound of that. Finally mom and dad are in charge.

My thoughts on 3x10: 

Okay, I did like the episode.

What Jessica did may have not been pretty, but let’s be honest, she has to protect herself. We may know that Rachel would never betray Mike, Mike may know she would never betray him, but Jessica doesn’t have to know it. And the stakes are too high to take any risks. She could lose everything. So I understand why she did it.

I like Scotty, so tbh I’m not mad she and Harvey are getting together, though I ship Harvey and Donna. Since the beggining, I’ve believed harvey and Donna are endgame, but specially after “The other time” there’s no doubt in my mind. BUT… we have a long ride before that happens. I actually believe that is only going to happen at the end of the show.
And both Harvey and Donna have a lot to grow up so that happens. Specially Harvey. So him having a serious romantic relationship is a good thing, even though is not with Donna. Because he needs to learn to be vulnerable, to follow his heart, to commit and to realize there’s more than work in life.

Both romantic interests for Harvey that we’ve met this far, Scotty and Zoe, are good women, and I like them both. So, I’m okay with Harvey caring for them. Scotty clearly cares for Harvey, a lot, and I think she deserves this chance with him, though we don’t know how long will it last.

I do feel it was a little bit rushed, from Harvey’s part at least, but probably that’s because they wanted to wrap that part of the story in the first half of the season. Also, what happened to Mike may have served him as a catalyst to take the risk.

Donna is an awesome lady, and I loved how she played Stephen.

I hate Travis Tanner, always and forever.

I don’t think I’ve ever rooted for Rachel before this episode, but I did it now when she confronted Jessica. She was smart, confident, and she turned something that looked bad in an opportunity for her. We don’t know if Jessica accepted her condition, but of course she will end up working as a lawyer at Pearson Specter, duh. And she’s gonna kick ass.

I think until a point what we’re seeing, and will keep seeing is Mike mirroring Harvey, and Rachel mirroring Jessica, in the sense of how they build themselves as succesful brilliant lawyers. But with a twist to the story, because Mike and Rachel have showed that they’re not willing to give up their feelings and personal lives to get there.

You know what, I love Harvey, but whatever Scottie may want to do now, he has it coming. He keeps doing this, manipulating Scottie’s feelings for him to his advantage, and then he can’t even give her the benefit of the doubt when he thinks she has played him (which she hasn’t in a long time). Why couldn’t he just follow Donna’s advice and talk to her??? Ugh, Harvey honey when you gonna learn you HAVE to listen to Donna, specially when it comes to you handling women.


I’m liking Katrina these last episodes she’s been in. She’s good for Louis, and it also helps that she hasn’t tried to screw over Mike or anyone else on the firm for a while.

I can’t believe Ava’s doing that. I mean, yeah she had to go through a lot of shit because of Harvey and Jessica, but they still got her out. I understand firing them, but you would think not going to jail would mean grant them to save themselves from that law suit… oh well, this looks like everyone against Pearson & Specter now. Since they mentioned him today, it wouldn’t surprise me if Daniel Hardman also comes back after them.

OMG Travis Tanner again?


IDK who I hate more, Cameron or that guy.

Why am I having the feeling that at the end the one who will line up with and help Jessica and Harvey is going to be Rachel’s dad? (despite his animosity against Harvey today).

"You’re family to me" 

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, Suits 3x07