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Multifandom Couples - Mirrors

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Tony / Ziva [NCIS] - Chloe / Oliver [Smallville] - Peter / Olivia [Fringe] - Kensi / Deeks [NCIS LA] - Carrie / Quinn [Homeland] - Lincoln / Liv [Fringe] - Castiel / Meg [SPN] - Spike / Buffy [BTVS] - Harvey / Donna [Suits] - Sherlock / Joan [Elementary] - Alex / Owen (Sam) [Nikita] - Emma / Hook [OUAT] - Pacey / Joey [Dawson’s Creek].

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Fanvidder: Joeyclauk

Fandom: NCIS LA

Song: Whispering by Alex Clare

Upload date: 3 weeks ago…and only 670+ views.

Why I recommend: The keyword of this video is SIMPLICITY. Love it :). There are too many videos out there on Youtube that are over-loaded with effects or the cuts are fast enough to give you a seizure. I believe there’s a time and place for an FX-laden video and also one for a simple video.

Just because a video is simple, doesn’t mean it sucks.

On the contrary, I think fanvidders who use very little effects and pull off a spectacular video are some of the most talented ones on Youtube because it takes a lot of effort to match the cuts to the music. 

And, I don’t just mean to the beats. This video is perfect with the song, coloring, good narrative structure, and the way the fanvidder uses the camera shots (in place of any editing effects) to match to the beat of the music.

You see it in the beginning. The best example is when the song sings “whispering” and she or he uses the panning/dolly shot of Callen and then cuts to him getting down on his knees to match that particular lyric :).

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We can all help each other find some undiscovered gems out there on Youtube because Youtube’s new search algorithm sucks.


● for you only [carrie x quinn] homeland


"Stay…" || Once Upon a Time [3x11]

# what the fucking mother fucking everloving fucking fuck is this  

Carrie and Quinn - Dust to Dust

Carrie + Quinn | Sky’s Still Blue (Homeland) NEW* 

Hope you all like it :)

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Carrie and Quinn - Can’t Pretend

Peter Quinn - “I just do not believe it anymore…”

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