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Favourite Tony&Ziva scenes: 6x05 “Nine Lives”

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….and so it begins the 6 year Tony & Ziva legacy.

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NCIS 7x01 Truth or Consequences

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Tony, stop defending Ray and get your woman!!
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- 9.12: “Housekeeping”

Tony: You know one of these days I’d like to actually meet someone who appreciates movies the way I do.. Or at least appreciates the way I appreciate them.

E.J.: She does, Tony.

Tony: Who?

E.J.: Ziva.

(Tony chuckles)

Tony: Agent Ziva David believes that the POTC is a cinema classic.

I’m not talking about movies, Tony. I’m talking about you. She cares.

Tony: What’s the matter with you? We’re coworkers.

E.J.: Yeah.

Tony: We’re teammates.

E.J.: Uh-huh.

Tony: We have each other’s backs.

E.J.: Exactly.

Consider yourself redeemed, EJ.


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Things I loved about last night’s Tony/Ziva scene:

- For once, Tony didn’t defended Ray. He clearly cares for Ziva, so even despite him, he always defended Ray when Ziva showed dissapoinment. But not this time. It made me feel that for once he’s ready to fight for Ziva.

- The way Tony looked at Ziva the whole scene. It was a calmed, confident look, a look of “I know what you and I have and can have is much better than anything we could have with any other people”.

- Ziva’s shock at Tony’s question about being in her life. With, may I say, a hint of hope in her eyes too?

- Ziva and Tony BOTH’s dissapoinments looks at Ray’s phonecall. One moment Ziva was complaining about Ray not calling, and the next moment that same call couldn’t be more annoying.

- Tony not moving an inch to let Ziva move away. Like a metaphore of “I’m not letting you go away this time, at list not that easily”.

- The way they both behaved was pretty much awklowledging, without words, that both know there’s something between them. And for the first time, and finally, both seemed to be in the same foot, in regards to their relationship.

Am I seeing way too much through my pink Tiva glasses?? IDK, but this scene gave me a lot of nice feelings. I haven’t seen this much development in their relationship since a long time.

The only negative part is.. sadly, I don’t trust the writers and producers of this show. So it wouldn’t surprise me that they end stalling their relationship again.

Let’s hope that won’t happen.

In the meanwhile I’ll be here just:

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OMG OMG that last Tony and Ziva scene…

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28/12/2011 - TODAY IS ALICE’S BIRTHDAY!!! The video is for her XD

You can wish happy birthday to her HERE

Elisa made this post for her! (and made ME cry)

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Fanvid: Multifandom Males - S&M

This is my second collab with yotb0ka.

Hope you like it, lots of hot men!

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