'cause you don't have to make a sound
when they got what you need.

Suits (3x12) - Yesterday’s Gone

Harvey Specter waking up

We both know you’re going to screw it up. 


Donna: I heard it all worked out”

Harvey: Never a doubt!”

"I know you don’t like to admit it… but we’re friends. And I’m not going to betray my friend"

Though tbh I was hoping Mike would say to Harvey that he is his closest friend now. (Which he is. Both are. They are probably the only male friend the other has).

"I’m not Superman"

But but… Harvey.. you are.

I’d love for Harvey to give a hug to Jessica. Though that would be ooc for both of them, I guess. Neither of them are good at showing their affections, let alone physically.

BTW, Pearson & Specter, I like the sound of that. Finally mom and dad are in charge.


BTS of Suits photographed by James Minchin III