Okay, I’ve decided to write down my thoughts on Hook on this episode. I know many people will not agree with me, but still want to put my opinion out there (why would I want to do that? no idea). Bear with me if this is messy, because that’s how my brain looks like actually.

So first, I really liked that this episode proved me wrong about the one thing I was fearing. Several plans may have not worked for him, but he’s not an incompetent. I loved that they showed us Hook making an elaborated plan to get what he wanted and succeeding at it. He was smart enough to change his plan when he realized he can’t kill Rumpel, and finding a way that it’s even more hurtful for Rumpel that killing him, actually. He did get the scarf, he could have destroyed it and with that destroy Rumpel’s chance of finding what he has been pursuing all this time. He didn’t do it because of his love for Milah got in the way. But then, quickly changed the plan again and went for the second thing that would hurt Rumpel the most: losing Belle.

Hook is smart, he can adapt, and he certainly knows exactly where to strike to hurt people if he wants to.

So when I see people saying Hook is a lousy villain, I have to say I don’t agree with it. Not entirely, at least. I mean, I think he could be an excellent villain if he wanted. But the thing is, I don’t think he tries hard enough. And that’s what really prevents him for being a bigger evil. He doesn’t try hard enough because 1. I think there’s still concience in him, and 2nd, because he lets himself be dominated by his emotions, and that makes him lose focus sometimes.

He could’ve killed Emma if he wanted to in the sword fight. He could have easily killed Belle if he wanted to. But he didn’t. One could argue that not killing Emma was because he has feelings for her, but I think is more than that. And this time with Belle proved it for me.

He didn’t aim to kill Belle, he said so himself. Now, I’m not saying he didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not saying that at all. I feel bad for Belle and all she will lose now. It’s not fair for her. But when you see it under Hook’s perspective, he could have easily do the exact same thing Rumpel did with Milah, to take Belle’s life in front of him, and I’m sure that looked fair enough in his eyes. Yet he didn’t. He settle for the next best thing, making Belle forget Rumpel. So the question is why did he settle for that when he could have had the perfect eye for an eye. Like I said in an old post, I think the answer to that is one: He still cares.

I loved that this episode gave us the chance to see a bit of what Hook is hiding behind the mask. I honestly don’t think he’s the ruthless criminal or sociopath that everyone wants to see. Again, this episode proved me so. What I see is a man consumed by the pain. He’s so deeply wounded. And he doesn’t think he can recover from that. Nor do I think he wants. He’s not looking to move on, it’s almost like he’s relishing in that pain. The only way he wants it to end is by fighting Rumpel till his own death if necessary, and to get to see Milah again. Now, I don’t think he has a death wish per se, I think its more like wanting to be with Milah wherever that is, and if its in the afterlife, then so be it. And all this talks to me about how deeply Hook is capable of loving.

Now, what I get from all this is that the path to get Emma and Hook together is not an easy one. Taking all of Emma’s own issues aside, there’s a lot Hook has to work out first to even being in the posicion of wanting to start a new life with someone. Like I said before, right now the possibility of moving on is not even a choice for him. Emma certainly awoke something in him, something that he’s probably not even aware of, but when he does, he’s going to fight it. Because it will feel to him as a betrayal to Milah. This even could mean he’ll fight Emma harder, trying to get rid of any feelings he starts developing for her.

It’s going to be slow , it’s going to be hard, its going to be painful and angsty. And you know what? I wouldn’t want it any other way. I want to see Hook facing the darkest places of his soul. And with that I’m not refering only to his villain status. I’m refering to the grief of what he has lost already, to the fear of getting hurt again, to the guilt and self loathing. He needs to deal with all that.

Believe me when I say I do not want, strongly do not want to see him becoming a puppy, for lack of a better explanation. I think you can understand what I mean. But I think there’s a big potential to see him become a better man. And I think Emma can and will help with that, even unwillingly at first.

But like I said, it’s a long road to get there. But if done right, it will be completely worthy.

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