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Are they… guyss are they sleeping together??

They are seriously trying to kill me. The writers and the characters.

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Pick her up, for god's sake



HOMELAND | Peter Quinn: "Pick her up, for god’s sake!"

*makes this my new ringtone*

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These dorks are stupidly in love. It’s disgusting. I love it.
— Me about my otp (via wolfsban)

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Few things disturb my inner peace faster than a slow computer/ a slow internet connection.

So it’s like out of character for Quinn to succumb to that type of relationship because he’s too attached already.. and he would need a break (winks to 4x07). It will not be like in 2x04 when he was FWB with a nurse, if it was true anyway.
Yep. I don’t think it could ever be as simple as that for him with Carrie, because whatever his feelings for her are, they’re already too complicated.
I'd argue that Quinn's feelings are not yet romantic (that's why I'm bummed that 4x03 dedicated at least 3 scenes forcing him to confront about it). But his disbelief on the prodding turns to confusion and by the end of the episode, to resignation.



I see what your saying. I do believe Quinn’s been in love for some time already with Carrie, but the problem is that he hadn’t realized that before. Not only because of denial, but also because he’s spent so much time completely disconnected from his emotions that it might have taken him more time than to any other person to make the connection, for his behavior to make click and make it say “OOOHHHH…. CRAP”.

With that said, I do think 4x03 didn’t need to be so blatant about it.

Have we ever considered that this might be the first time Quinn has ever been in love and that’s why this all caught him by surprise. The denial aspect of 4.03 was very interesting to me.

Similarly, I believe Brody was the first person Carrie felt in love with and thought took her by surprise as well (of course, for more reasons than just maybe not recognizing that feeling before).

Yeah, I agree, that could also be one of the reasons. He maybe doesn’t know much about love from experience. Actually, that in a way would fit with my headcanon that Quinn comes from a family where his parents weren’t very loving with eachother and not very loving with their son, either.
TBH, I can’t say I’m sure he didn’t love Julia, but it makes sense that he didn’t. Not deeply, at least.

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I feel like it’s a fallacy that a FWB relationship can’t be healthy
Yep. Under certain conditions, a FWB agreement can be even healthier than a commited relationship: if both parties stand the same ground with respect to what they want from the relationship, and if they’re both at the same level of emotional attachment.
With CQ that’s not the case, though, so I tend to believe a relationship of that kind would only be damaging for Quinn in the end.
I absolutely agree with you about why Carrie and Quinn won't be FWB. And if you think about it, to drag something 3 seasons just to prove that Carrie cannot ever have a healthy relationship with no one is enormously stupid and so not Homeland!

To be fair, if they want to do that, they could do it. I just don’t think it’s the goal. I think the writers and Claire are invested in giving Carrie some level of emotional progress. But that can happen through a lot of other different angles, not only through a stable romantic relationship.

The FWB… it’s not that it couldn’t be healthy. Heck, there’s a lot of FWB relationships that are much more healthy than real stable official romantic relationships.

My desbelief about it comes from thinking it doesn’t fit Quinn’s character development… why make him so conflicted about his feelings for Carrie to then put him in a no strings/no feelings attached relationship? For that, they could have saved themselves the trouble, keep Quinn’s conflict strictly about his moral crisis, and have him happily having sex with Carrie from time to time. The way they have developed his issues with Carrie (feelings involved) is what makes me think the resolution cannot be as easy as they agreeing to a FWB relationship (from Quinn’s side. Since this is not currently an issue for Carrie, she could fit in a FWB without altering/changing much her development).