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When asked what other character they would like to play on their shows, what character they would least like to play, and which actor would they like to see on their roles, John goes:

"I’d like to play Tom Mison… or Ichabod Crane. But I’d like to stay him. I have nothing more to add to that".

(all that in his best Walter Bishop attitude).

OMG John XD.

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BTW, John Noble is adorable, even though I never understand a word he’s saying. He just keep twirling in his seat when he’s talking with the other panelists or answering question.

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Fan questions time, and the first fan says “This question is for everyone…. but I really want to hear Colin and Misha answer”

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I don’t know what just happened, but the Outlander guy said he watches Hannibal too, and he told Colin they should watch it together. Colin said yes they should do that, and that he would put on a kilt.

And then words are said that I don’t understand, and then Colin says something like "I’ll show you mine".


I imagine he’s talking about the hook…. Or his Hannibal Blu Ray set. IDK anymore.

(That’s the more Colin talked in the whole panel, and just in that part I can’t see his face… *sad face*. Hopefully the official TV Guide video will be released soon).


Edit: wait… on second watch, I think he might have said "I’ll show you, mate". Yeah, that sounds more likely. XD.

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Wait…. he also just rewatched and marathoned BTVS.

You’re turning suddenly into my favorite person now.

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Jordan Gavaris says he’s a huge Fringe fan. And he was very excited when he find out he would be sitting next to John Noble in the panel.


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Colin says he watches Hannibal.

me: *fangirl high pitched noise*

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Make me choose:        ↳ keychainqueen asked: Pacey Witter AND Peter Bishop


Make me choose:
        ↳ keychainqueen asked: Pacey Witter AND Peter Bishop

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I hope they don't go for an ending like that. I don't think it serves a purpose to the story. Carrie is one of the great TV characters ever created... I don't want her to end where she began and neither do I want a sugary ending. I want a realistic ending... One that feels real. Carrie will struggle with life but I would like to have her have a life. Anyone who is good at their job is a superhero when they have no other life. I would like to see a Carrie who is good at her job... With a life


I’m just saying that a lonely Carrie seems really realistic to me, at this point.

If I hadn’t fallen in love with C/Q, I would like Carrie to end up alone (without a romantic relationship, I mean). Because in my opinion ending alone doesn’t mean have to be unhappy or unfullfilled, and I think that would be an important message. I want Carrie to find balance, and end the show in a better place, emotionally speaking, than where she’s been this far. I know this show is unlikely to go for classic happy endings, but I think not let her find that stability and some kind of peace, would be just cruel (I know I know… life IS cruel sometimes, but this is a tv show, so I hope they don’t go for the gloomy end.)

BUT, I did fall in love with those two, so that’s my first option, obviously. I’m not expecting them to have your traditional relationship: love, sweetness, marriage, happily ever after. They don’t even have to get in a formal relationship. All I want is for these two lonely characters to get closer emotionally, and at the end of the show to be there for eachother as a constant, and to be part of eachother’s support system (Carrie only has her family, and Quinn… well, no one.. as far as we know). It doesn’t have to have a name, or promises of eternal love. Just two people that have the other one close to their hearts.

Now, if it was a strictly black or white choice, perfect fairytale-like happy ending versus sadness and despair, I’d have to vote for the second option.

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