Homeland on Location - South Africa

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Love the gif! It could be used so many wonderful ways…”Do I want to have hot sex with you in this evaluator? YES” “Are you driving me insane? YES” “Are you probably right? Again? YES” lol
Hahaha, I think he was probably answering all those questions in his mind when he said that YES.
Oh no. I knew that Trylon and Perisphere were two modern structures… but what if they stood for Carrie and Quinn this episode? October 5 is too heavy to handle.
I’ve been trying to figure out to what is doing reference the title. I thought it was related to the politics shenanigans happening with the CIA on the episode, but I’m not totally sure.  I can’t imagine in what way could Trylon and Perisphere represent Carrie and Quinn, but who knows, maybe.
rurikids said:
i can only laugh at this point this season will kill us all
gdi this is gonna hurt.

All of these are very accurate.

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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Showtime’s (very brief) description for 4x02 "Trylon and Perisphere" :

"An official inquiry brings Carrie back home. Quinn spirals out of control


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Gotta love that half of the time Carrie and Quinn’s faces look like they’re planning to murder the person in front of them.

my heart is hurting
Because of the accuracy, or because imagining what could Quinn with baby Mathison be?
Fringe AU: Altlivia finally saw the rainbow in her universe again

It was year 2015 in the alternate universe. Our!Lincoln and Altlivia were just assigned a new Fringe case after returning to the Fringe Division from their wedding and honeymoon. The new Major in the Division requested surveillance and the couple were in downtown Manhatan, sitting somewhere to monitor the scene.

Altlivia was bored after being idle for over an hour and an overcast has gotten her clothes wet. She sighed and casually looked up to the sky and that was when the unimaginable happened - 
a rainbow appeared, albeit in faint colours.

Keep looking up, after it rains, keep looking up,” Olivia’s words echoed in Altlivia’s head. Then she had an epiphany - something miraculous must have happened on the other side and some sort of order must have been restored as the parallel universes were still inextricably linked despite the lack of the Bridge. Altlivia was simply wordless and awe-stricken, it was almost like déjà vu to her. Lincoln looked at his wife and realised this had always been the sign of utter happiness, perfection and hope Altlivia was waiting for.

Little did they know, on that very same day, Peter Bishop received a mysterious letter with a white tulip in it.
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