Was that meant to have a Sandy & Danny from Grease vibe?

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Tell me what you’re thinking right now.
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Fringe and Reckless crossover
 I used to imagine this… going on a mission with you.
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"We’re gonna have to get within five feet of his phone in order to clone it"
"Gotta do it while he’s asleep, then"

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Do you know what a stalking horse is?
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Awesome ladies in “Iron in the Fire”

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Thoughts on S4xE4


As big of a Quinn fan that I am, episode 4 gave me great relief in that it switched the focus away from Quinn and his feelings about Carrie and more towards Carrie in her role as Station Chief in Islamabad. I love my Quinn and all but Homeland is not a love story.

Anyway, that being said - Quinn lit it up this week. The conversations, both intimate and heated, between Carrie and Quinn showcased why they’re a great team and so awesome to watch. I loved the intimacy of the first part of their conversation in the dark, how he opened up to her and put a mirror in front of her face. But yeah, her side of if sounded awfully familiar. Also loved how quickly she turns to him for support/advice, “Tell me what you’re thinking right now.” A little corny but I like it. I also love that they can rip into each other!! Their sex will be fucking awesome.

I also love how Quinn just keeps nudging Carrie in a way only he can seem to do. Though their exchanges often ended up with them yelling at each other or interrupted by a call or someone walking in, Quinn still gets through. He gets under her skin and shakes her. I feel like you could visibly see this in Carrie after she tries to apologize to Quinn after their evening argument. She looked physically ill…either because she couldn’t stand having to make nice or perhaps because she knows he sees through her bullshit and maybe, just maybe, he has a point.

Also, the scene with Carrie and Aayan. First, I was not repulsed by it, but I was moved by it because Carrie seemed conflicted by it herself. Where as getting physical with Brody was an easier play, because she was actually attracted to him, Aayan is not so easy. Not only because he’s young and doe-eyed, but because Aayan has never done “this” before. I thought you could actually see her hesitate and realize the moral conflict. It’s like she saw how fucked up the whole thing was. And the way it looks like right now, Quinn is going to call her on it next week (internal scream!).

So a few things that confused me and I’d love some feedback here…

- does Quinn say he only has one more polygraph and then he’s done with the CIA? Sure things can change but right now it looks like in his mind he’s got a timeline.

- where is Quinn tossing that ball against the wall? CIA office?
Does he not have an apartment to sleep in?

- was he listening in on Carrie and Ayaan? I mean it is a safe house and we know from the past he listens in on those.

- Hello Danny Noonan from Caddy Shack! Yes, that’s him playing John Redmond the Istanbul deputy station chief in Pakistan. I knew he looked familiar. Noonan!

- Carrie’s Pakistani equal Tasneem Qureshi is just as cunning and gorgeous. They’re even wearing the same basic outfits.

- That ISI guy, Aasar Khan? HOTTIE. DOesn’t he look like he could be in a J Crew catalog?

- I think it means he was ready to be out until Carrie convinced him to get back. I suppose he keeps telling himself “this is the last one”.

- He was in his office at the CIA local HQ. Maybe he was sleepless so no point in going to his apt.

- I don’t think he was. He was tossing the ball, all alone in the dark. Though I’m pretty sure he knew what Carrie was planning to do that night.

- Agreed about Tasneem, and aw yeah about Aasar Khan ;) Pleased I’m going to keep seeing Raza Jaffrey on Elementary. The pleasure will be all mine.

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